The Easiest Ways to Relocate to Canada from Nigeria (2021)


Here are the easiest ways to relocate to Canada from Nigeria (2021) – If you want to relocate to Canada, it’s an excellent idea. Canada is a first-world country, the second largest in the world and the second-largest in continental America.

It’s a world-class society with bounty opportunities whether you decide to emigrate for studies or work.

There are a number of ways to travel to Canada but relocating is an entirely different concept all together considering the fact that you will be staying on a permanent basis.

Easiest Ways to Relocate to Canada from Nigeria
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Every year, a little over 250,000 people migrate to Canada.

This is emblematic of the fact that there’s more to the nation than what people read about.

Its population is about 33 million and a quarter of that figure or even half is made up of immigrants drawn from across the world.

Now the country has revealed that there’s a little vacuum in its workforce across certain sectors of its vibrant economy, hence it has set things in motion for the invitation of over a million immigrants to fill up the void.

Here we bring to light some of the easiest ways of relocating to Canada alongside some handy tips you need to know before jetting out.

It’s a great country and the perks of living in a developed city are all yours to enjoy.

Here are the easiest ways to relocate to Canada from Nigeria (2021)

Like earlier stated, there are many routes to acquiring a Canadian travel visa from Nigeria, but we’ll be showing you two simple ways to relocate.

Here are two easy ways to relocate to Canada and become a Canadian resident. They are:

Family Sponsorship Class

If you have a relative in Canada, it’s quite easy for you to travel.

Getting a two weeks to travel visa isn’t much of a hustle, visits are allowed, even in prisons.

But we are talking about relocating here and Canada has made it’s own so unique and easy that you can visit your relative and by virtue of the permanent residency of that relative, you too can become a resident.

This is how it works

You will have to obtain an invitation letter from your relative in Canada stating that he wants you to come and stay in Canada on a permanent basis and that he will be sponsoring the process.

This is done through the family sponsorship class of obtaining a visa to Canada.

This system allows any applicant with a relative in Canada who has a permanent resident visa to join that relative on the same permanent basis.

This is exclusive to relationships like parents, spouses or siblings. Extended relatives are not allowed.

Here are the criteria for this to work

  • The sponsor should be at least 18 years
  • Must have sponsored no one in the last five years
  • Must be resident permanently in Canada
  • Must have no criminal record
  • The applicant must be at least 16 years and must not be too closely related to the sponsor in the case of spouses

This route is the easiest if you have someone in Canada and Nigerians have been using this system over the years to populate Canada.

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Most do it by illegal means – through visiting visa but live through the hell that it brings.

Things that could ruin your chances

Following these easy ways can only be easy if you have a spotless profile in Nigeria.

Some of the things that could hamper the process include:

  • Criminal record (convicted felons might not stand a chance)
  • Bad health
  • Not financially buoyant enough (from your bank statement)
  • Having an inadmissible family member
  • Having a case with amnesty for human rights violation
  • Misrepresentation

Express Entry System

In this route, you’ll have to spend about six months to get the visa to Canada.

This system was launched in 2015 by the Canadian government to speed up things in its three major programs; the federal skilled worker’s program, the Canadian Experience Class and the Federal skilled trades program.

This is part of the initiative to bring migrants into its workforce.

To get any of the three major programs visas, you need to apply online by creating a profile for yourself and stating which of the programs you are applying for.

In the online profile, you’ll be creating, you will have to furnish them with information about you, the skills that you possess, proof of the language skills that you’ve got and your credentials if any.

If you meet up with the criteria which will be listed at the end of this section, you’ll then be scored according to the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) after having accessed the criteria and deemed you fit for qualification.

If your score is high, you’ll be granted a permanent resident visa in Canada.

But not directly, though.

You’ll be invited to apply for the Visa.

The results are being drawn every two weeks from the Express Entry Pool.

After your application is successful, you will need to register with the Government of Canada’s job bank, you can skip this part if you have a job offer already and in that case, you will be dealing with a working visa and not this kind of application.

Here Are the Criteria Used For Scoring

  • Level of Education (Home or Abroad)
  • Age
  • Work experience (home or abroad)
  • Arranged employment
  • Your spouse profile (for couples)
  • Language Proficiency (English or French)
  • Provincial nomination achieved
  • Siblings living in Canada on a permanent basis

So there you have it.

It’s not so easy though, this is relocating and not visiting but it’s better than migrating illegally and having to look over your shoulders each time you walk the streets for the fear of being deported.

It should be noted also that the Express Entry System is for skilled workers – if you have a good skill that’s hot in demand.

If you have a skill listed by the Canadian government, this gives you an edge in the application to be considered.


These processes might seem too complicated especially if you are new to the entire concept of traveling abroad, but with the right guidance from a reputable travel agency, you can scale through.

You will also need to buy health insurance which will cover you for up to three months pending when you will get the free health insurance provided by the Canadian government to residents and citizens.

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