How to build your career without sacrificing relationships?


Are you a boss? Nowadays, bossy and quick-witted women are perceived as total bitches with no private life.

Sometimes people who think like that may be right.

But we are not talking about an average promotion, we are talking about a career with all of its perks and disadvantages.

How to be a conqueror, but not hurt your man’s feelings?

Here are some crucial tips and tricks on how to be a boss and a caring lovely woman in one bottle.

  1. Have a rule of one date in a week. Maybe a fortnight. It is important for you to understand that working women can reject their dates and make up stories about hard life just because they don’t want to lose freedom, so those excuses keep her and her man somewhat distant. Your man wants to feel loved and important, even though he fully understands your desires and ambitions.
  2. Secondly, you need to understand that any claims about the fact that “you spend too little time with me” usually refer, in fact, not to the quantity, but to the quality of this pastime. There is a big difference between “being close” and “being together”. Therefore, learn at each time to be in one role and only in it. When you are on a family picnic or a children’s holiday do not respond to work calls and do not look at gadgets. Be where you are now. And if you are just spending time with your children and husband, then the deficit of your presence will be saturated much faster.
  3. Do not listen to people who say that being busy means you are a heartless person. That is simply not true. People who say things like that are in fact jealous of your ambitions. Or, most definitely, they really lack your attention. Consider explaining how important your career means to you and how many nights you have spent, thinking about better, more comfortable times.  All in all, you work for the well- being of a future family. This is much better than wasting time in vain.
  4. Set your priorities. Most beautiful Russian girls, well-known models, such as Nataliya Vodyanova, say that you should stop noticing your shortcomings and downs only. Pay attention to what you are doing, and do not forget to thank yourself for it. Enjoy your work – competence, creative ideas, successes and rewards of all But, when coming home, enjoy the family. Nobody knows how to make your homemade cake better than you, no one will soothe a crying baby so fast, no one will find the best words of support and gratitude for her husband.
  5. There is another big mistake that many women do not take into account, and men do it too – it means bringing business conflicts and problems home, and family ones – to work. You must necessarily be able to switch. You cannot turn your own house into an office branch. But at work, family problems should not be considered as well. In addition, the ability to switch provides an opportunity to relax at home from office problems, and during working hours – to have time to miss home. Therefore, if you follow these tips, you can safely combine family life and career! Good luck!

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