Fast Ways on How to Get Scholarships in Canada


Looking for fast ways on how to get scholarships in Canada? Getting scholarships anywhere in the world for the most part requires or demands that you apply with an application letter or fill out an application form.

Same is applicable here if you want to get a scholarship to study in any Canadian university.

Fast Ways on How to Get Scholarships in CanadaYou research about the scholarship and apply.

That’s a given and that’s what will be covered in this article.

Some scholarships are however obtained when you come out in flying colors in an examination but that’s for students already studying in a particular university where the criterion for getting a scholarship is coming out with a specific CGPA at the end of a session.

As an international student from Nigeria, you are not entitled to this kind of eligibility for scholarship because you are yet to become a student of any university in Canada so that leaves you with the only option of applying for the scholarship.

Now that you are aware of this, let’s get down to the main business

Below is How to Get Scholarships in Canada

There are number of funded scholarships in Canada open to international students.

It’s your job to look for these scholarships and see their requirements first before applying.

Each scholarship advert you see comes with its own unique set of requirements.

All of their requirements have one thing in common – your application.

Your application is the most important process in getting a scholarship to study in Canada.

After your application, the next bridge is how qualified you are and this narrows down to your academic credentials.

Let’s start with application first.

How to Apply

Since these scholarships won’t come to your door steps you have to invoke them down by applying.

By them I mean you can apply for more than one.

There’s no harm in keeping your options open rather you could be lucky to get one of them.

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So you start by doing a little research on the kind of scholarships available for foreign students in Universities in Canada.

Check the ones that you meet at least 90% of their requirements.

Some of their requirements include

  • Having a high CGPA if you are going for post-graduate studies
  • Having high scores in international test for English exams like IELTS, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, and the likes. The meaning of these acronyms will be revealed later in this article
  • Of course you would have completed your secondary school education before thinking of this, so the question of your eligibility in that area can be skipped

You will find very few with this kind of requirements, apply to them using a cover letter while attaching their requirements.

Your cover letter is the one doing the magic, you can also call it an application essay.

So here’s how to write a kick-ass application essay that gives you a solid edge for consideration.

Follow these tips and you won’t go wrong

State your Purpose

After all the introductions/salutations, you need to lucidly reveal why you should be offered the scholarship that you are seeking for.

This is where you will convince them with tangible reasons why you need the grant.

You can put things in perspective by telling them what you intend to achieve after studying with the grant that they will give to you.

Flaunt some of your greatness, some of the amiable qualities you possess and some of your past achievements that you’ve done without funding and how you could do more with the funding they are going to provide.

Sell yourself in the positive light and you could get them convinced.

Keep things Simple and Avoid Grammatical Errors

If you truly passed your international English test examinations, then you should have no problem with grammatical errors. Proofread thoroughly and ensure it is error-proof.

You need to keep things simple.

Don’t go about an epistle trying to sell yourself.

Keep it concise and lucid enough.

Remember to communicate your words using a formal or professional tone.

Show Them You are Knowledgeable about their School

Before applying ensure you research deeply about the school you applying to.

Arm yourself with their core values and their standards for excellence.

Infuse some of these knowledge in your application essay, more like sprinkling them in random paragraphs in the essay.

They will feel like they are reading from their student already and this would lessen any air of unfamiliarity hovering around.

It’s always great to learn that an international student is knowledgeable about their standards and appreciates what they are doing.

Use this wisely and don’t soil it with excesses.

The Next Step

Getting a recommendation letter from anyone in the academia or from a government official can make you come across as a legitimate citizen of that country and make them take you seriously.

So find someone to write you a good recommendation letter vouching for your good conduct, your academic strengths and that everything you are claiming to have is true.

Other things to Note

Here are a few things you need to be aware of before applying for scholarships in Canada

  • If you are going for post-graduate studies, you need to have a high GPA
  • You also need a rich research experience too for PGD studies
  • Volunteer works and community service in your local area can give you an edge for consideration
  • IELTS (International English Language Testing System) and TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) are English proficiency tests for international students and Non-native English speakers. It is mandatory if you will be going to any English speaking nation for studies and you have to pass it.
  • GRE (Graduate Record Examination) is for post graduates. It is a test you have to pass if you are going for PGD studies and your score needs to be very high if you want to stand a chance for a scholarship
  • Having a publish journal as a graduate is a plus for you
  • Your recommendation letter is very important, it can’t be over-emphasized
  • You need to follow up after application and get feedback
  • SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) /A-Level exams is a must if you are going for undergraduate studies in Canada, you can’t have a scholarship if you’ve not got these basics. They will demand them when you get there.

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