How to Be a Successful Online Freelancer


bloggingHi guys, today we’re sharing how to be a successful online freelancer.

A freelancer is someone who does jobs for people without a strict attachment or contract of employment.

He/she is more like a contract worker.

He/she is a professional that is not tied to a particular person or company.

He/she is paid per job done.

Many people freelance for companies and individuals through the internet.

It is common to have people freelancing from Nigeria for companies or individuals in the UK or elsewhere across the globe.

As a freelancer you can make money online in different ways.

You can, as a freelance

  • Blogger/Writer/Editor
  • Content Writer/Analyst
  • Reporter
  • Data Entry Expert
  • Data Analyst
  • Artist/Graphics Designer
  • Web Designer
  • Photographer
  • Video Editor
  • Online or Conventional Marketer
  • Social Media Consultant/Marketer
  • Tutor etc

Whichever of the niche area you choose, you have to be tactful to make money.

Like I always say, making money online is not a get rich quick scheme – it takes time, skill and dedication.

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Once you are able to combine these three together, the money will start rolling in like an overnight success.

Below is How To Be a Successful Online Freelancer

Take Money Off Your Mind

Do away with the thoughts of becoming a millionaire within a year from freelancing.

The more of money you think about the less your work quality will be.

Try to focus first on carving a niche for yourself in your chosen area of specialty.

Carol Tice, a freelance writer said, “The more desperate you are, the less money you make.”

Desperation in making it quick will drive you to jump on every available offer (no matter how bad it is) at the detriment of output quality.

Note that as a freelancer it is your job quality that determines if you stay on a project or not.

It is also a determining factor for you to get another job from a client.

It is not all about money but your skills and your passion.

Once these two connects the money will definitely come.

Place A Price Tag On Yourself

As a freelancer, you have to know what you are worth.

When I first started as a freelance writer, I took a very demanding and low paying job (a ridiculous N500 for 1,000 words).

Initially, I thought the employer was generous but when the job started taking its toll on me I realized that I was being exploited!

I stopped the job after the first month.

Since then I stopped applying for every writing job that crosses my path.

I became very selective and after a while I realized that my work quality improved drastically.

You Are A Brand And Business

As a freelancer, you should be aware that you are into business.

In that wise treat yourself as such.

You have to set money apart for fuel, airtime, internet subscription, transport, equipment and so on.

You are not running a charity home, so charge every job that leaves your table adequately.

Avoid ridiculous fees.

Never run your business aground because of desperation.

For effectiveness take lessons on: time management, business management, marketing, elementary accounting, customer service, contract law etc.

Before taking up a job try to find out everything about the job and tidy up the legal framework with the client.

I have taken up jobs as a writer, sales consultant, content writer and analyst, Social Media Marketer and tutor all as a freelancer and I want to tell you it was not all fun.

It got to a time that I have to discontinue some of them because of bad client experience.

Sell Yourself

Do all that you can to attract clients to yourself.

Do not wait for clients to come, start doing something on your own site or blog then apply for freelance jobs.

Most clients will like to see a sample of your work, so if you have no prior job experience it best you send them a link to your site or blog.

You have only a moment to make an impression, just do your best to make it count.

Understand A Job Before Jumping To It

I once took up this job as products package description writer from a client in UK.

I did not ask the right questions neither fully comprehend the assignment.

I also did not take time to read and understand the instruction manual before jumping right to it.

I took the plunge and after several weeks, when I submitted the first batch of the finished job, the client pointed out myriads of errors for me to correct.

I did correct them still other errors were noticed and in frustration the client terminated the contract.

Instead of the payment of N30,000 as agreed, I got to keep only the initial payment of N5,000 for my stress.

1,500 rows and 18 columns of Excel job useless.

My time, effort and fuel all wasted!

Simply because I did not fully comprehend the task.

I still regret that till date.

Build Multiple Streams Of Income

One good thing about freelancing as against a 9 to 5 job is the ability to work on different jobs or projects at a time.

As a freelance writer, you can also take up a photography project or editing, content writing, news writing etc.

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Work on your skill and time management to be able to blend them together without satisfying one at the detriment of the other.

If you have any experience as a freelancer, please do not hesitate to add them.

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