Ultimate Interview Mistakes You Should Avoid in 2018


Ultimate interview mistakes you should avoidUltimate interview mistakes you should avoid in 2018 – Knowing what to do in an interview is just as important as having an updated cover letter and CV.

However, there are certain mistakes that you should avoid to improve your chances of being considered.

Here are some of the ultimate mistakes that interviewees should avoid:

Failing to prepare

A job interview is similar to a test; you need to be thoroughly prepared.

Research more about the company.

This will give you ideas of how to relate your skills to the job vacancy being offered.

Your interviewer will ask you why you think you are fit for the job; it will be easy to answer this question if you have basic knowledge about the company.

There are hundreds of people looking for the same job position.

Impress the interview panel by talking about the recent merger of the company.

This way the interviewer will see that you have a passion for that job position.

Wearing the wrong outfits

The first impression matters a lot.

Is judging a book by its cover is wrong? Not to most interviewers.

Potential employers will judge you from what you are wearing.

Choosing what to wear for an interview is not easy but make sure you dress appropriately.

Do not show up with an old outfit and expect no one to care.

Your hairstyle too should not be too informal.

A ponytail is a lovely formal hairdo for an interview.

You can wear makeup but make it moderate.

Not being punctual

Professionals advise that you get to the interview at least 10 minutes earlier.

This will give the impression that you organized and can be relied on.

Arriving earlier to the interview gives you a chance to compose yourself and organize your thoughts on how to hold the interview conversation.

However, do not arrive too earlier.

This might inconvenience the interviewer, and you might get them irritated.

Using your cellphone

Make sure you turn off your phone before getting to an interviewing room.

You might be tempted to check the time on your phone, but the interviewer might take it as rudeness.

It could also give the impression that you are distracted easily.

With the current technology, you might think that it is okay to take notes on your phone.

This is wrong and casual; carry a notebook and a pen for that purpose.

Badmouthing past employers

Excessively talking ill about past employers will only show you have a bad attitude.

Potential employers will want to know why you left your previous jobs.

Of course, you did not leave because everything was okay, but your interviewer does not need to hear the whole nasty story about your horrible bosses.

Try to be neutral if you cannot be positive.

Do not dwell on this conversation; try to keep it as short as possible.

Make your interviewer feel that they do not have to worry about you going to badmouth them in the future.

Being the first to talk about money

An interview is all about making the potential employer see what you will provide them with.

If you make it the other way round, start saying your goodbyes to the job opportunity.

It is okay to give a salary range if the interviewer asks you.

It would be even better to tell the interviewer that you would like first to familiarize yourself with the job position.

This will give the impression that you are interested more in the position and not just the benefits that come along with it.

Sitting before you are offered a sit

Most interviewees make this mistake.

You should not sit unless you are invited to sit.

This is because that might not the room that you will be interviewed from.

It could be that more interviewers are coming in and that was not meant to be your sit.

The whole situation will give an ignorant impression; you do not want that.

Keep standing; if the interviewer wants you sited, they will invite you to sit.

Avoiding eye contact

Sometimes in an interview, you might get nervous and find it challenging to maintain eye contact.

Taking a deep breath will help you to relax and sustain the eye contact.

Avoiding eye contact might make your potential employer feel like you are trying to hide something.

No one is interested in hiring a candidate who looks untrustworthy.

Try to control your body language as it can contradict the information you are giving.

Bragging about yourself

It is okay to talk about yourself but do not let it get too personal to the point that it feels like you are bragging.

You might have all the experience in the world, but the company is not desperate to hire you.

You need that company more than they do, so humble yourself.

Show the employer that you are confident in that position, but you still have so much to learn in the company.

Not shaking hands

It is only courteous to shake hands with your interviewers before and after the interview.

Sometimes the interviewer might hesitate to give out their hand; go ahead and offer a handshake.

This gives the impression of a right attitude.

Thank the interviewer for having you as you shake their hand after the interview.

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